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Vibratec Akustikprodukter AB awarded “Company of the Year”

At the annual “Bussiness Gala” in Norrtälje Vibratec Akustikprodukter AB was awarded “Company of the Year” in the region of Roslagen. There are 19.000 companies in the region, whereof 3.000 AB’s (Ltd companies). Explanatory statement:
“With it’s success globally, and it’s solid local commitment, this Company of the Year is really a faithful servant. With advanced technological knowledge and a talent for entrepreneurship, this year’s winner stands out from the crowd. The recipe for success in this stable and viable business has been a constant ambition to improve and develop the business. You give us good vibrations.”

The clip is in Swedish:

Mall of Scandinavia

The new cinema complex in Mall of Scandinavia consists of 15 rooms, some with a wall height of 11 m. Vibratec has supplied specially designed wall hangers for these walls. Making customized solutions is a specialty of Vibratec.

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Supervision on platform Island Innovator

Qualified Offshore personnel

Vibratec pre.qualified by Achilles

Custom made AVM’s for Ivar Aasen Field Development

Vibratec Akustikprodukter AB is very pleased to announce its first delivery of Anti-Vibration Mounts, AVM’s, to MAN Diesel & Turbo Germany.

Separately, we delivered both MAN Diesel & Turbo Switzerland and MAN Diesel & Turbo Germany for two separate compressor skids located on the Ivar Aasen Platform.

For all projects the delivered AVM’s are unique, totally custom-made, optimized and specially designed for three-point suspension and offshore conditions. Our AVMs will support static loads of 77 tons and 50 tons for each project. Under all loads conditions (static or accidental), the vertical resonance frequency of our AVM’s will stay under 15Hz!

The platform is being built in Singapore and will be approximately 230m in height.

The Ivar Aasen Field, is located in the northern part of the North Sea. The development of the field comprises of three discoveries, namely Ivar Aasen, West Cable and Hanz, with the first two fields to be developed under phase one and Hanz field as part of phase two. The three fields are estimated to hold reserves of about 150 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe).

10 houses vibration isolated in Stockholm

Vibratec has supplied building base isolation to the block “Traversen 18” consisting of 10 houses. The “vibration cut” is below ground level directly between foundations and house. Due to varying loads and surface areas in the different load points, in combination with the requirement for relatively low resonance frequency, discrete elastic elements had to be used. Several different designs of these elements where tested; the final solution was  casted pads in stiff PU-material CDM-99 which was tested to give a  resonance frequency below 7 Hz.
To save time for the contractor Veidekke and to ensure correct number of pads per support point, Vibratec supplied the pads ready glued on steel plates. During this summer totally 17.000 pads was installed; all steel plates had different shapes, different number of pads and unique marking.
You can follow the project from this web camera:

New order for Presalt FPSO’s no. 5-8

Vibratec has received a new order from Dresser-Rand do Brazil for Anti-Vibration Mounts (AVM’s) to turbo compressors. The order is for installation on the Presalt FPSO’s No. 5-8 currently being built for Petrobras. Vibratec has earlier delivered AVM’s to the 4 first ships, and the total ordered quantity (for 8 FPSO’s) comprises of offshore AVM’s to 80 compressor sets, which makes this Vibratec’s biggest offshore order so far; totally 240 AVM’s carrying a summed up load of 7.446 tons. The AVM’s have elastic elements in acid proof stainless steel AISI 316 and a resonance frequency below 15 Hz.

Complete delivery to Grandweld, Dubai.

Concrete floating floor on springs

SATS new gym in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm, is situated on the 7:th floor. The SATS gym will house fitness, aerobics, spinning, weight lifting etc. To not disturb the other businesses in the building the complete gym, with a total area of 700 m2, had to be elastically decoupled via a concrete floating floor on 4 Hz spring isolators according to CDM’s ISO-FLOAT construction. In addition to the floating floor where also made special extra heavy, spring supported concrete slabs for the weight lifting stations. These slabs where supported by springs equipped with steel mesh pads to add damping and progressivity to the springs.
The installation on site of the floating floors was also handled by Vibratec.